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If we are going to gain some new perspectives, in order to lose some ‘old’ weight, we must have some goals in mind.

Every day that you eat wisely and move more, you’re accomplishing something to be proud of. (And when you mess up – forgive yourself and start fresh again tomorrow…it’s gonna happen now and then!)


When you applaud yourself for all you’re doing, and have done, it’s so much easier to keep doing those things.

I enjoyed celebrating every 5# loss with….a (dark) chocolate candy bar that had been given to me..a new shirt, etc. as it was always good to keep that in mind while I was working hard to lose those few lbs. at a time.

Celebrating is very important, because it helps to inspire you to continue doing what you’re doing.

Just keep on keeping on….it came on one lb. at a time, and it isn’t going to drop any faster either. I really believe the slower you take it off, the easier it is to keep it off.

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December is here, and we are all busier than ever…I want to share some ideas to inspire you to help you with your food ‘management’/meal planning.  I will be sharing some awesome recipes later this month too, but for now….

  • Coupon, coupon, coupon!  If you’ve followed my blog for long, you’ll know I LOVE coupons, and often get to save 60%+ of the total price I spend, because I stick with purchasing sale items, and use coupons also.  Clip weekly from the newspaper (hint: some of the coupons in the file that I always carry in my purse – will be thrown out if I don’t find the item on sale). Ask a friend who doesn’t use coupons, if they’d be willing to share theirs with you.  It’s a great way to save big $$.
  • Shop your pantry – use what you have.  If you stock up on weekly sales, you can learn to cook with what you already have.  Keep vegetables, soups, broths, beans, etc. on hand – and have a system in your pantry so everything doesn’t get lost, and you don’t know what you really have.  Ex: keep soups together with labels facing the front – use tubs to group some items and/or smaller items together.
  • Shop bulk sections – Go for grains, nuts, dried fruit, cereal and more – You can buy as much, or as little, as you want, and prices tend to be more reasonable because you’re not having to pay for name brands or fancy packaging.  I love to buy powdered milk there, as it isn’t something I use often, or much of, but it’s so handy to have a little bit when I want it.
  • Make your own 100-calorie packs – It’s so much more economical to make your own.  Separate chips, cookies, etc. into resealable plastic bags and you will save all the waste of the packaging too.

More ideas again next week…HAPPY SHOPPING & COOKING TOO!!!!

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16 savings

I just LOVE my sales and bargains – one of my biggest ‘kicks’ in having to spend $$. (Or is it having $$ to spend?=) Just wanted to share some extra special things God has blessed me with recently. 

I shop at my local grocery store weekly, and buy mostly sale items and stock up that way.  They have recently begun printing out, not only coupon savings, but the savings on sale items as well, so I’ve really been thrilled over my savings.

This is what they’ve looked like the last couple of weeks….

I paid out $19.23 & saved $12.20.

Last week I paid out $19.63 and saved $16.13!





I had a ‘mental health’ day last week and got to spend the day away with a dear friend.  We shopped til we dropped and got lots of great deals then too.

I love Kohl’s stores – their clearance racks are sensational!  Since neither of us had a coupon to take in with us, I decided to open a charge account, because they were giving 15% off when you do.  I did all my shopping at the clearance racks – plus the new cashier ‘accidently’ gave me a double discount…another 15% senior discount.  (Only to be told AFTER she rang me up, that they don’t double discount…but since she had already given them both to me…well, OK. -Thank you Lord!) 

My receipt says I spent $66 & saved $255!  IT DOESN’T GET TOO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT NOW DOES IT???

kohls receipt

I praise the Lord for all the smiles & sunshine He sends my way – these last couple of weeks have been very trying for me, so these special deals are very meaningful and uplifting. No doubt – heavenly gifts to me at this time in my life.


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Signs that make you Smile

Humor is always good for the body, and the soul.  Hope you enjoy these as much as I do….


“Bargain Basement Upstairs”



“Time wounds all heels”



“Yesterday’s Meals on Wheels”


(My personal favorite!)


“To expedite your visit please back in”



“Don’t sleep with a drip. Call your plumber”



“Invite us to your next blowout”



“We don’t charge an arm and a leg. We want tows”



“Toilet out of order – please use floor below”



“Automatic washing machines: Please remove all your clothes when the light goes out”



“Elephants please stay in your car”


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Caden plaid shirt 09

I’ve been encouraged to share these silly stories that have given us some great laughs. Grandkids certainly DO make life GRAND!

 During the benefit for Caden last weekend, he found a Trivial Pursuit game in the huge toy display.  He sat on the ground throwing his dice, with the cards scattered all around him.  As I walked by, I saw him throw the dice, and keep his hand open.  I laughed to myself that he seemed to know what he was doing. 

It wasn’t long and his big sister Charlie came into the garage where many of us were, laughing herself silly.  She told us that she saw Caden shaking the dice in his hand, and then say…

“C’mon Baby – Mama needs (holds the hand with the dice to his mouth and ‘huffs’ on them a couple of times) a new pair of shoes!’

 Oh my goodness – we have cracked up over that time and time again.  He loves repetition and definitely has watched some things too much on the tv!

Claira Ruth 409Deb & Greg’s oldest, Claira, who is 4 also, comes up with the craziest things from a child her age.  Not long ago – she put on a bathing suit and was twirling and ‘modeling’ it in their home.  She looked over her back at her mom and said

“Look mom…I’ve got a big butt like yours”. 

Kids are just too hilarious sometimes huh?  Had to share the chuckles with ya’ll!

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Your love, GOD, is my song, and I’ll sing it!

Psalm 89:1 (The MESSAGE)

God’s love is not human. His love is not normal. His love sees your sin and loves you still.

Does he approve of your error? No. Do you need to repent? Yes. But do you repent for his sake or yours? Yours. His ego needs no apology. His love needs no bolstering.

And he could not love you more than he does right now.

From: Everyday Blessings

Copyright (J. Countryman, 2004)

Max Lucado

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