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Hello Everyone!

I’m taking a break from regular posts for the upcoming week…and for the month, in general. I can’t resist sharing some pictures to show you just what I’ll be enjoying!  My precious brother, Alan, and his dear wife, Heidi, own a villa on St. Kitts island in the Caribbean, and they’ve more-than-generously given me a week to stay there!!!  I’m taking along 4 girlfriends and we’ll be enjoying this gorgeous place from Feb. 6th – 13th. This will be my post-60th birthday celebration. Please don’t turn green. *_*  I’ll be more than happy to tell you about it when I return home. When this is posted, we will have driven to Florida. We covet your prayers for safe travels and for our families to stay safe and well while we’re gone.  

Bon Voyage…or Hasta Manana…or whatever!


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I can’t think of February – with Valentine’s Day in the middle – and not think of chocolate too.  Want to wish you a great month and remind you that eating dark chocolate is actually GOOD for you!

I’m going to be gone on vacation – (pictures to come!) and this month is going to be a rather slow one for me here at The Better Baker blog, so I hope you’ll enjoy some old posts that will be shared…and certainly – enjoy some chocolate.  Who wants to wait for Valentine’s Day to roll around? NOT me!

Are you feeling stressed? Simply reading this article will make you happy – doing what it says will make you feel even better!  ENJOY!

Dark Chocolate – Stressed spelled backwards!

If you’re concerned about blood pressure, it might not be a bad idea to pop an occasional piece of dark chocolate in your mouth! A new study found that small amounts of the candy were as effective at lowering blood pressure as other non-pharmaceutical interventions. While not a substitute for hypertension medications, a small dose of chocolate brought results significant enough to be considered clinically beneficial to overall health – Source: Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter – October 2007

From ‘365 Reasons to Eat Chocolate’….Chocolate is not a drug, so there are no federal regulations to be afraid of. ENJOY!

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Fish is good for us – I should certainly eat it more often.  This is a good way to get those Omega-3 oils in us!


2 (7.1 ozs) pkgs. boneless, skinless salmon (I would use canned)
2 egg whites
1 Tb. minced onion
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
dash of black pepper
10 fat free saltine crackers, crushed
1/4 cup water
2 tsp. baking powder
nonstick cooking spray

In large mixing bowl, flake salmon; add egg whites and mix thoroughly.  Add onions and spices.  Stir in cracker crumbs.  Mix baking powder with water.  Stir water into salmon mixture, making sure all is thoroughly combined.  Heat skillet, coated with nonstick cooking spray, over medium heat.  Form six patties using a 1/2 cup measure.  Place patties in heated skilled and spray tops of patties with nonstick cooking spray.  Cook about 4 minutes on each side or until patties are golden brown.

Nutritional info per serving: Calories: 106; fat: 2.5 gr; fiber: .2 gr

-From Halfmysize.com cookbook

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Whatever food plan you’ve chosen to try to get into shape… here are a  few goals you might consider…after cleaning out your pantry and fridge of ‘no-no’s’ and filling them with ‘yes yes’ fooods…I suggest making changes slowly, so that you won’t be so overwhelmed with them.

It doesn’t make much sense to set a high goal, only to be defeated and then it’s too easy to simply give up!

Drink enough water
– suggested atleast 6 – 8 ozs. glasses a day – 3 of those should actually be water – try my favorite…sugar free apple drink – MM! Tastes like real apple juice – grape tastes like fresh also.

Walk 10 minutes a day – park farther away from the door when you go shopping and then walk the length of the store (& back again=) atleast once.
Eat breakfast daily have some protein with every meal. I enjoy cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast, but maybe you’d rather have eggs?

Decide early what you are going to ‘exchange’ for what you’re wanting to give up. Have celery and carrots ready to eat in the fridge when you need to crunch on something other than potato chips. (And it isn’t that you can never have that kind of snack again, but limit yourself. The easiest way I find is to bag up snacks into my own 100 calorie packs)

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If we are going to gain some new perspectives, in order to lose some ‘old’ weight, we must have some goals.

Exercise is an important part of the process of losing weight, but you don’t want to push yourself too hard before your body is ready.

We are told that we need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, but did you know that you can break that down into 3 – 10 minute periods, and it’s still effective? I LIKE THAT!

I enjoy walking the most – when it’s too cold and snowy to walk outside, I enjoy using an in-home walking video (thank you Leslie Sansone!) to get moving inside. It’s amazing to me the difference even a little exercise can make in my energy level….not to mention on the scales. Find what works best for you and try to stick to a regular schedule.

One thing I enjoy doing when I am walking, is to pick up the pace…say, speed up my pace for a block, then slow back down, just for some variety.  Try skipping as far as you can, just to use different muscles.

Find a friend who will walk/exercise with you. It really helps to have that accountability partner and helps pass the time so you’re not thinking so much about having to move.

Even if you chose to walk alone, put on some headphones and listen to music or talk radio.  Notice what’s around you  – nature, homes, etc.

Find out what others are doing to maintain their faithfulness to exercise.  Things that work for others could also work for you too.

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