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I am MOVING.  Okay, I’m not really moving, but my BLOG is moving from WordPress to Blogspot.

If you are a subscriber, and want to remain a subscriber, here’s what you need to do…

1. Click THIS LINK.

2. In the Right Column, click on the “Subscribe” options (You can subscribe in a reader or via email).

3. If you subscribe by email, confirm your subscription to the new Blogspot website.

4. At the bottom of this email that you are reading, click the “unsubscribe” option and remove yourself from the betterbaker.wordpress.com subscription.  (This subscription feed will be deleted in a short while, so if you miss this step, it’s okay.  Just make sure you’re subscribed to the new website).

Now, I’m off to adding some new posts to my REALLY cute, new blog.


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Be watching for details…please

stay tuned…I’m in the kitchen

stirring something up….






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Yep, it’s tough, but somebody’s gotta do it…

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Ocean Breezes

Can you feel the warm breezes coming in off the ocean?

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Hello Everyone!

I’m taking a break from regular posts for the upcoming week…and for the month, in general. I can’t resist sharing some pictures to show you just what I’ll be enjoying!  My precious brother, Alan, and his dear wife, Heidi, own a villa on St. Kitts island in the Caribbean, and they’ve more-than-generously given me a week to stay there!!!  I’m taking along 4 girlfriends and we’ll be enjoying this gorgeous place from Feb. 6th – 13th. This will be my post-60th birthday celebration. Please don’t turn green. *_*  I’ll be more than happy to tell you about it when I return home. When this is posted, we will have driven to Florida. We covet your prayers for safe travels and for our families to stay safe and well while we’re gone.  

Bon Voyage…or Hasta Manana…or whatever!

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If we are going to gain some new perspectives, in order to lose some ‘old’ weight, we must have some goals in mind.

Every day that you eat wisely and move more, you’re accomplishing something to be proud of. (And when you mess up – forgive yourself and start fresh again tomorrow…it’s gonna happen now and then!)


When you applaud yourself for all you’re doing, and have done, it’s so much easier to keep doing those things.

I enjoyed celebrating every 5# loss with….a (dark) chocolate candy bar that had been given to me..a new shirt, etc. as it was always good to keep that in mind while I was working hard to lose those few lbs. at a time.

Celebrating is very important, because it helps to inspire you to continue doing what you’re doing.

Just keep on keeping on….it came on one lb. at a time, and it isn’t going to drop any faster either. I really believe the slower you take it off, the easier it is to keep it off.

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Happy New Year!

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