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Ta Da!



I am MOVING.  Okay, I’m not really moving, but my BLOG is moving from WordPress to Blogspot.

If you are a subscriber, and want to remain a subscriber, here’s what you need to do…

1. Click THIS LINK.

2. In the Right Column, click on the “Subscribe” options (You can subscribe in a reader or via email).

3. If you subscribe by email, confirm your subscription to the new Blogspot website.

4. At the bottom of this email that you are reading, click the “unsubscribe” option and remove yourself from the betterbaker.wordpress.com subscription.  (This subscription feed will be deleted in a short while, so if you miss this step, it’s okay.  Just make sure you’re subscribed to the new website).

Now, I’m off to adding some new posts to my REALLY cute, new blog.


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Be watching for details…please

stay tuned…I’m in the kitchen

stirring something up….






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