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I’m thrilled to be able to connect with folks online – this is a new experience for me, and at this point, is rather overwhelming, but with my daughter’s assistance and expertise, I hope to make this an inviting place for you to visit often.

I really do enjoy cooking in general. My mom gave me freedom in the kitchen when I was growing up, I married a man who is willing to eat anything, and we both love hosting company, so my ‘career’ in the kitchen has snowballed over the years, and I’m excited about how my outreaches are being expanded.

I’ve had a few recipes published by the American Profile publication. I won $100 in 2006 for my Butternut Squash Casserole. It is one of two in the APBlue Ribbon Winners” cookbook. I also have five recipes in their “Hometown Recipes for the Holidays” cookbook. I truly do enjoy time in the kitchen.

I even like washing dishes.

I recently began typing up recipes to have my own cookbook published…it is a time consuming process, but it feels good to get the ball rolling toward making that lifetime goal a dream come true.

I’ve also had a short testimony of God’s provision for us in a needy time, published in “Christian Miracles“. The format is similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul books, with many authors in one book. I enjoy opportunities to speak publicly.

But I have to say that I’m not a professional speaker – only a professional talker!!

After being recognized in our local newspaper for my national recipe ‘fame’ through American Profile, I have recently been asked by a local newspaper to write a monthly column…and include recipes. Appropriately – the column is entitled “The Better Baker”.

I married my high school sweetie, Ron “Bean” Baker. We have endured some, but mostly enjoyed, our 41 years of wedded bliss. We have been blessed with 3 children, and 7 precious grandchildren. Being Nana and Papa are the biggest blessings in our lives….and we appreciate the thought…


Ron is 100% disabled from his exposure to Agent Orange – he served 3 tours in Vietnam as a proud Marine. He’s diabetic, so the last few years, I have leaned more toward healthier dishes, and low/no sugar recipes.

Something I’m fond of are quotes – some would call them ‘wall plaques’, but I appreciate them, and hope to share some with you often. One of my favorites is…


P.S. – You can probably find new posts from me about once a week just to get warmed up.  Later, when I’m an “expert” at this, I’ll be posting more often!  Thanks for visiting – and please feel free to leave comments and questions!

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